Co-working, Co-facturing for robotics and electronic hardware
"Learn the bleeding edge from those building the bleeding edge".

Collaborative Project Based Education

At Circuit Launch you can learn hands-on from our community of experts, mentors, and startups.  Our program is 100% project-based, hands-on learning. Experts with cutting edge knowledge and experience surround you, accelerating your project and skill development goals. Together with your cohort, you will move from knowledge and theory to hands-on experience.

"Accelerate your learning by focusing on exactly what you are inspired by"
  • Build an inspiring project portfolio. We will help you build a project by project pathway while gaining valuable hands-on experience in robotics and electronics.
  • Jump directly into real projects that push your skills further.
  • Direct your individualized and customized skill development pathway.
  • You will receive training and access to our tools and equipment ranging from Laser Cutters to PCB printers, and membership to Circuit Launch is included.
  • Both the Individual and Team programs include dedicated storage and 24/7 access to Circuit Launch.  

Team Project Pathway

We offer the opportunity to apply to join our team based project where you get to build a prototype, open source project, or commercial product ready for the market. 100% of the materials are covered (at no cost to you). Applicants will be chosen based on experience in at least one field of technical knowledge that is applicable to the project.

See our Winter CoLab Pilot session 2021

Individualized Project Pathway

The individualized project pathway is an opportunity to work on projects you choose; or follow a project pathway we develop together with your goals in mind. Build your skills and experience project by project, and begin working with the cutting edge technology you've always dreamed of.

With weekly Mastermind sessions, break through your sticking points faster with help from our mentors and community of experts. The program runs on a monthly basis and includes full access to Circuit Launch lab, equipment and tools.

Apply here for the next session commencing 1st May 2021.


Each session lasts 12 weeks and there are 4 sessions per year. There are no prerequisite classes/sessions required to enroll. You can continue enrolling in consecutive sessions to continue your progress or stagger your sessions depending on your availability.


The Team CoLab is $2000 (in-person with Lab access), and $1500 exclusively virtual for the 12 week program.

Materials and components are 100% covered for our team based projects.

The Individualized CoLab is $450 per month (in-person with Lab access), and $350 per month for virtual participation.

Project materials cost and consumables for the individualized project pathway are your responsibility.

COVID Compliance

This program is COVID Compliant. Full social distancing and safety protocols are in place. A mask is required indoors at all times.


What is Circuit Launch?

Based in Oakland, California, Circuit Launch is a community of individuals, students, startups and established hardware companies developing, prototyping and building electronic hardware. We also provide a collaborative, project driven robotics education program to accelerate skill development. At Circuit Launch you learn the bleeding edge from those building the bleeding edge! PLUS we have the facilities, the tools, the machines and the expertise.

Who should apply?

Our program is geared towards anyone who recognizes the value of an experiential education over a theoretical one. Builders, hackers, do-ers, and everyone who wants to gain experience in robotics and electronics are welcome to join us.

What does 'project based' actually mean?

Learn by doing! The main method for learning is by working on a physical project

***Project Based Learning*** is a teaching method in which students gain knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to an authentic, engaging, and complex question, problem, or challenge.

How is the Individualized program different than just being a CL member?

Accelerate your learning with active mentorship and guidance from our community. We help facilitate your progress helping you avoid roadblocks, dead ends, and endless trial and error. Also we point you towards a more efficient road map to your skill development. Get the right help at the right time!

Can I bring my own project?


What tools and equipment do you have?

Our current tools, equipment, and amenities are listed on the [Circuit Launch]( homepage.

How flexible is the schedule?

We understand that many people work full time and would still like to enroll in the program. There are sessions that are compulsory and if you are unable to attend, that will affect your eligibility for the program.

Usually the first week of the program there will be 2-3 compulsory sessions at least. For the rest of the program there will be 3 group sessions a week that will have to be scheduled to accommodate as many people as possible.

Can I work fully remotely?

Being we are a hands on program in electronics and robotics, you will learn more if you are able to attend in person each week. However if your interest is in working on skills that can be done remotely, like programming, CAD, etc, you can attend virtually. Additional expectations and commitments to documentation, collaboration, and communication are part of attending fully virtual.

For the individual program you could also attend remotely as long as you have the tools and equipment you needed.

What about Intellectual Property I develop or work on in your program?

We are an open collaborative ecosystem that encourages sharing of ideas and open source projects. However we respect and help our community protect their intellectual property.

Team Projects: We focus on open source projects and our work benefits the community. If there is a commercial company sponsoring a project for their use, the IP is theirs to use exclusively. There are no NDA's or non compete clauses required.

Individual Program: We encourage public posting of your projects and assigning Creative Commons licenses for your work. If you do want to work on your startup or file patents for your more advanced projects let us know and we can advise on how to protect your IP.

Do I have to work in a team?

The Individualized Project Pathway offers the opportunity to work on any project you wish to. You will have feedback and mentorship from the other students in your session and our mentors. However the decisions you make for your project are yours alone to make.

If there are students that wish to work as a team on a project, that is always an option of course.

I have an idea for a product. Can I work on it as part of the program?

The Individualized Program is perfect for working on any project you want to undertake.

Is there student financial assistance available?

We hope to have benefactors in the future sponsor grants, materials assistance, and low income financial assistance. Currently we work with individuals on a case-by-case basis to reduce costs based on need.

Do you provide employment placement assistance?

Building a portfolio of projects provides demonstrable example of your skill and experience. Plus getting involved in a community of startups and experts has led many of our members to either launch their own startup or be hired from a company right here at Circuit Launch. There are regular robotics job fairs, networking opportunities, and connection to companies hiring, throughout our program.

What kind of startups are at Circuit Launch?

We support hardware companies of all sizes with shared tools and equipment, mentorship, and space. We currently have startups ranging from carbon capture, delivery robots, 3D printing, advanced clothing/item sanitation, bioprinting, AR/VR, security robots, logistics IOT tracking, smart bumper stickers, humanoid nursing robots, telepresence robots, and soon hopefully you'll join us!

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