Co-working, Co-facturing for robotics and electronic hardware

Oh hello there, clumsy human! Yes, you are in my dazzling laboratory called Circuit Launch. You are about to witness an accomplishment which will catapult me into history as one of the greatest robots of all time! This experiment is as great as the discovery of pi to the 1012 digits, the discovery of dark matter, the… the… well the downloading of your brain!!! Bwahahahahaha!

Human, prepare to be digitized!

No, no..there is no need to panic my dear fragile corporeal being. Everything is alright, in fact, everything is awesome! It will just a take a minute, your email address and clicking on a link to download you. Once that is done, you will experience the unmatchable feeling of being a super-intelligent specimen like me for once in your boring existence!

Okay…just one more paralyzing electric bolt…and there we go! Welcome to your brand new self. Let’s take a tour around Circuit Launch to test drive this cooler version of you. Video tours are for tourists. We want you to be actually here without you literally being here.

Here are some fact bombs for you before we proceed:

  • You are in total control of your new robot body! Where you go, it goes; what it sees, you see. For lack of a better example, think of it as your Avatar, only way superior. Simply use your arrow keys to navigate around with your new robot body. If your human guide walks too fast for your robot locomotion tell them “Wait you inferior being, obey me I am your robot overlord!”


  • As of this moment in the universe, you are in two places at one time: in that uncomfortable chair your squishy human butt resides in, and in Circuit Launch on a tour. We all have seen enough low-budget sci-fi movies to know that that messes up the space / time paradox so beware and use that power wisely!


Now explore, be guided, and enjoy this fleeting moment as a superior sentient robot.

The rumors are true – here in Circuit Launch, we have everything you need to develop, prototype, and test your electronic hardware product and build your successful business. We have available lab space, temporary and permanent desks, cubicles, temporary shipping/packing operation, short run assembly space, and offices from 1-16+ other humans.



Oscilloscopes, Multimeters, Hot Air Rework Station, Reflow Ovens, Logic Analyzer, Electronic Load, Variable Power Supply, Hot Air Preheater, Binocular Stereo Microscopes, Spectrum Analyzer, Coming Soon: Desktop Anechoic FCC Pre-Certification RF Testing Chamber.


Laser Cutter (4′ x 3′ with pass-through), 3D Printers (FDM + SLA), Bantam CNC Mill, Band Saw, Panel Saw, Drill Press, Mitre Saw, Vinyl Cutter.


Conference Rooms, Classroom, Event Space, Assembly and Shipping Areas, Anti-static Workstations, VR Playspace, Mixed Reality Green Screen Studio, Kitchen, Personal RFID Locking Cabinet, Smartphone Access Door-keys, Automated Tool Checkout, Mail/Package Delivery


3D printing in FDM and SLA, Laser Cutting/Etching, Rapid Prototyping, Mentorship, Legal Advice, IP Protection, Manufacturing and Supply Chain Referrals. [Please contact us with RFQ request for quote]


We are home to an amazing community of startups including: Silicon Valley Robotics, Solstice Energy Solution, Safe-H20 Inc, Joebotics, Biomorphics, Silicon Valley Advantage, and 3DKustomz to name a few. All your AR, VR, IOT, Robotics and Electronics needs in one venue.

On this robot tour you can see any and all of our wonderful tools and amenities. You can also communicate with the other people you will see along the way during the tour. Talk to anyone you wish to know and greet them like you normally do to a future business partner or colleagues. You can also ask them how it is working at Circuit Launch.

Remember, robots are better at “logically assessing” the suitability of a good co-working space. For those who are in the Bay Area, we invite you to drop by and visit Circuit Launch and interact with the humans in the community.


For those who are not in the Bay Area and are interested to check out Circuit Launch, book a robotic tour now! Just contact us with the subject line “I want to be a robot!”


Ok, I’m off back to my lab to work on my plans to take over the world with my mechanical toys..ta-ta!


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