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Exploring AI's Impact on Hardware and Robotics: A Glimpse into the Future

The Hardware Collective presented a panel discussion event bringing together experts, including Catherine 'Kat' Scott from OpenRobotics, developers of ROS (Robot Operating System), and Dominick Lee, founder and CEO of GyroPalm. The discussion delved into the potential impact of AI on the robotics and hardware industries, the importance of open-source libraries, and the opportunities and challenges faced by the rapidly evolving field.

Dominick Lee praised the advancements in AI, stating, "We're living in great times because AI not only now can generate content that exceeds expectations of predicting the next words but also it is able to effectively communicate concepts dynamically." This adaptability allows robots to tackle a wider range of tasks and use cases, opening up new opportunities in the field.

The conversation also addressed the importance of specific-purpose robots, as Kat Scott emphasized the need to focus on solving specific, hard problems: "I would encourage people to look at specific hard [problems]. If you have one robot that apparently does everything it generally does nothing and no one's going to buy it. If you have a robot that does one thing well, like clean your floor, I'll buy that robot”

Another critical topic was the value of open-source development in robotics. "Open source is kind of the ability to say well I did my little bit let's just put it out in the world somebody else can pick it up and you know that's how Ross has been evolving for well over a decade now," said Kat Scott. Both panelists agreed that open source is essential for the industry's growth and encouraged developers to continue supporting and contributing to open-source projects.

With a multidisciplinary approach, robotics draws from various fields, and Kat Scott suggested that beginners should "learn a little bit of software, learn a little bit of ROS, learn a little bit of electrical engineering, and then kind of go that way… Start small, get the early win." This comprehensive understanding of different aspects of robotics is key to success in the field.

The discussion also explored the future of augmented reality and robotics. Dominick Lee shared his vision: "We're looking at a world where you're able to seamlessly interact with your environment and control various devices, whether it's robots or IoT devices, without having to rely on heavy laptops or [tablets]."

To gain a deeper understanding of these topics and more, don't miss out on watching the full panel discussion from the Hardware Collective and Circuit Launch. This event summary was written by ChatGPT.

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