Solid State Printers is one of the members of Circuit Launch that offers different 3D printing services. They can help you with 3D printer installation, setup, and repair. They also offer training programs for 3D printers and modeling. That’s not all, they can help you create your 3D model and print it for you.


About the Company


Solid State Printers is a top-notch 3D printer repair and support shop in northern California. The company helps 3D printer customers with 3D printing machine maintenance. They primarily service the Series 1 Pro from Type A Machine and also worked on a wide variety of printers.

The company also offers 3D printing consultation. In addition, they provide a one-on-one or classroom training on 3D Printing, Designing for Additive Manufacturing (DFTM) and CAD.

The company is supportive of those 3D printer enthusiasts and hobbyists who still need to learn the necessary skills to be successful in this craft. They want to educate the 3D printer users and design operators who are interested in 3D printing but are afraid to explore this avenue due to the steep learning curve that comes with it.


Who is the Founder?


Solid State Printers was founded in 2018 by Brandon Toomey.

Toomey has a wide experience with Type A Machines. He joined the Type A Machines team in late 2015 after successfully building his first 3D printer in 2012. That opened him the doors to mastering and learning the techniques used by the Type A Machines team.

Since then, Toomey has supported and repaired hundreds of machines. He also provides training and support to other 3D printers.

Before starting Solid State Printers, Toomey was a field engineer and manufacturing specialist at Type A Machines. His role included constructing 3D printers, quality control for the finished builds, managing the print farm, planning and creating layouts for large print jobs, and more.

Toomey’s skills, expertise, and passion for 3D printing resulted in the birth of Solid State Printers.


Products and Services


Solid State Printers is here to help 3D printer owners and 3D printer enthusiasts enjoy their 3D printing experience. Here are the services that the company offers:



Printing Services

For those who are into 3D printing but doesn’t own a printer, Solid State Printers can do the printing job for you. You can just send them your model and have them print it for you.


The company offers a wide variety of materials that you can choose from. They can also print using FDM or SLA printing machines. Their 3D printers have a large volume, so your model will be printed in one piece and with a better scale.


Learn more or get your part printed from Solid State Printers


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