Co-working, Co-facturing for robotics and electronic hardware

Here we are almost a year living with COVID, the vaccine is out, and we are finally out of lock-down with cases dropping. But COVID fatigue is getting to all of us!

As things get closer to normal, and the remodeling at Circuit Launch is wrapping up, we are getting more and more new members. Also a lot of our other members who have stayed away are starting to come back.

It is important that Circuit Launch is a safe place to work and that means we need to keep wearing our masks at all times.

If you are in an office and want to take your mask off, please shut the door. It is up to you how your business handles COVID safety protocols in your office.
If you are using a conference room and you want to take your mask off be sure you are using Amazonium with the Molekule air filter.
If you are eating, please use the kitchen and keep social distancing. We have a Molekule air filter there as well.

Otherwise we all need to wear our masks (even over our noses) at all times. This includes when you are at your desk, even if no one is nearby.

Everyone has different risk tolerances, but we need to ensure everyone feels safe coming and working at Circuit Launch.

Thanks for keeping that mask up!

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